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Scelerotherapy (hardening of veins)

Lasers (noninvasive delivery of laser rays) are used for treatment of endermic vessels of lower extremities, face, limb girdle – the so-called teangiectasis. The best results have been achieved on face vessels. Desired medical effect on face is achieved in 90-95% of cases, but on feet it usually makes up to 80%. Teangiectasis are small vessels with the diameter of no more than 1 mm. In everyday language they are usually called ordinary vascular asterisks or vascular net. There are arterial (bright red), capillar and venous (bluish) teangiectasis. The first ones are usually thinner. In form they may be linear, treelike, spiderlike, point like. The thinner teangiectasis are the better the effect from the laser is. Vessels bigger than 1 mm can be treated with micro-hardening (one of variants of compression scelerotherapy). Combination of these two methods is reasonable because a regular patient usually has a combination of teangiectasis of different types and sizes. During the treatment of teangiectasis the work of the laser is based on the ability of oxyhemoglobin to absorb laser energy with release of heat. This method does not imply contact of the light-guide with skin. Coagulation is executed by punctuate impact on vessels. The distance between the points of laser ray application is minimum and makes 0.5-1.0 mm. The procedure is not very painful. A patient feels light pricking. Preliminary cooling of the treated area diminishes pain. 1-2 weeks before and after laser coagulation it is necessary to avoid insolation of skin.


Miniphlebectomy is correction of chronic venous insufficiency caused by varicose illness. During the surgery in the large saphena the venous shunting is removed (cross-ectomy), varicose-extended veins get removed through punctures in the skin and insufficient veins-perforants are bandaged on the shin. Hospitalization takes one day. After the surgery good cosmetic effect is obvious.


A doctor is a vascular surgeon of higher category

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GAS-LIQUID REJUVINATION is a revolutionary technology of skin rejuvenation

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