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Freedom from ailments

A man busy with his career, his family, his financial prosperity sometimes does not think how harmful unlimited workday and sedentary life can be to his health. Continuous stress, overstrain and high neuron-psychic tension result in great number of unpleasant and quite often serious diseases.
Osteochondrosis, stroke, chronic cerebral circulatory insufficiency, atherosclerosis and other illnesses rapidly "get younger" and more often get on the list of widespread diagnoses. All these diseases require timely treatment and careful and long rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of neurological diseases of different degrees of severity is carried out in the clinic «Irey».

Diseases of locomotorium and musculoskeletal system:
• osteochondrosis of spine with pain and vascular syndromes;
• spondilosis deformans;
• scoliosis (including children’s scoliosis);
• scapulohumeral periarthritis;
• neuritises, neuralgias;
• radiculitis.
Diseases of the vascular system:
• vegetovascular dystonia;
• arterial high blood pressure and low blood pressure;
• cerebral atherosclerosis;
• consequences of strokes;
• Ménière's syndrome (dizziness);
• chronic cerebral insufficiency;
• consequences of craniocerebral traumas and traumas of spine.

Our skilled neurologist (doctor of the highest category) will define the degree of severity of your illness and will develop an individual program of rehabilitation which will solve all the problems related to your physical as well as psychological condition in complex. In addition, the treatment that we offer will remove the defects in appearance caused by the illness (face defects, prolapsus of mouth corners, twitching of facial muscles, etc.). The program includes medicines, acupuncture, physiotherapy (magneto-laser, quantum therapy, ultrasonic phonophoresis), massages, blockades with antihomotoxical homoeopathic preparations, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches) and medical extractions with the oscillation-mechanical massage of spine and thermal effect. The aim of the procedures is to remove «blocks» in the muscularly-ligamentary spine apparatus, liquidate muscular tension, free constrained nervous roots and vessels and renew spine function.
The department of neurological rehabilitation of clinic «Irey» is equipped with the apparatus of graduated extraction of spine and oscillation massage of muscularly-ligamentary apparatus «ORMED-professional». The peculiarity of the apparatus lays in the fact that it does several actions simultaneously: extraction, vibratory massage, heating and vibro-correction. The apparatus has programs that work with the spine both along its whole length and on its separate segments (neck, thorax, loin). «ORMED-professional» helps preserve correct carriage, take off tension from the muscles of the back, put vertebraes that have shifted in place, relieve squeezing of nerves and consequently get rid of chronic pain in the back, radiculitis, osteochondrosis and many other diseases that keep you from enjoying life.


Ultrasonic-phores with the «Ultrasonic» magnet-therapy
Ultrasound is the only device which carries out micro massage of cells and tissues; with its help medical solutions and ointments, necessary for the treatment, enter the body, collagen gets loosened and its elasticity increases, local blood flow gets stronger. Due to deep warming pain diminishes, muscles are relaxed, blood and lymph circulation is improved, irritation of nerve roots diminishes. As a result of ultrasound application cheloid scars get softened.

Magnet-laser therapy apparatus

Produces several types of radiation each of which is medical and their combination has major medical effect on the diseases of locomotorium (illness of joints, spine) as well as different inflammatory and vascular diseases while working in the mode of reflex-therapy.


The Ancient method of acupuncture (impacting certain bioactive points located along 12 meridians on the human body) is now widely used in complex treatment of different diseases. Due to the distribution of energy by means of needle reflex therapy (acupuncture) the renewal of functions of all organs and systems in the organism takes place.


Hirudotherapy is one of the new directions of the work of the neurological rehabilitation department of «Irey» clinic. Today hirudotherapy assumes ever greater importance in traditional medicine which is caused not by the desire to follow the fashion but is the sign of reasonable and careful attitude of man to his health. Hirudotherapy doesn’t have analogues among modern methods of treatment. Special properties of leech secret render powerful salutary influence on all the systems of the organism and do not have side effects, that is why leeches are an excellent remedy for treating a number of diseases:
• hypertensive illness
• atherosclerosis
• stenocardia
• postinfarction cardiosclerosis
• coronary artery disease
• stroke
• thrombophlebitis
• phlebeurysm
• haemorrhoids
• gynecopathy
• tetter
• arthronosos
• ophthalmiatrics
• migraine
• prostatitis
• radiculitis
• illnesses of liver
• vascular diseases of cerebrum and peripheral nervous system
• ENT-diseases and others
There exist about 400 types of leeches but only one kind - a «medical leech» - can be used for medical treatment. Medical leeches are bred in special medical laboratories. It should be noted that in hirudotherapy a leech gets used only one time, so the possibility of a patient being infected is completely eliminated. Besides curing you of a specific illness the sessions of hirudotherapy remove vascular spasms, accelerate lymph flow, remove stagnant processes, normalize metabolism, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep and mood. It is impossible to obtain such effect from any other type of treatment.


Honored Doctor of ARC, neurologist of the highest category, Chief of the Medical Unit

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