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Turning time back

Plastic surgery is one of the important achievements of the modern world. It helps to suspend the course of time.
Plastic surgeons radically and effectively affect a person's appearance changing it and at the same time saving the natural features. And it is very important. Even though there is the so-called public standard of beauty, beauty ideal does not exist and different people understand beauty differently. Improvement of appearance while all the individual features stay the same and the person remains recognizable is one of the main tasks of the modern aesthetic surgery.
During an operation our surgeon can pull up flabby and weakened skin (removing excess skin), change the form of the nose, increase or decrease breasts and improve their form, shape your figure, etc.
The department of plastic surgery of «Irey» has a surgical room equipped with the state-of-the-art technique, comfortable wards with all conveniences and attentive and friendly nurses. Operations are conducted by our plastic surgeon who has vast experience in the field. Doctor V.I. Pil'tyay is a candidate of medical sciences, an associate professor, a doctor of the highest attestation category, a member of the Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.
Modern equipment of the surgical department, combination of surgical methods with intensive cosmetology methods and the experience of our doctors minimize post-surgery marks, shorten post-operational period as well as ensure predictable and guaranteed results.

Face lifting, SMAS
It improves face contours, effectively removes tissue prolapsus in the area of the third of the face and neck. It also provides long rejuvenating effect. This procedure pulls up not only the skin but also the tissues lying deep beneath it. Face lift turns out to be considerably more effective and the result is preserved much longer.

is correction of age-related changes of lower and upper eyelids. During the operation our plastic surgeon, taking into account individual features of every patient, removes excess skin and excess fat, pulls up muscular tissues of upper and lower eyelids. The rejuvenating effect is preserved for ten years. Cosmetic sutures inserted during blepharoplasty get removed in 3–4 days at the most.

splendidly removes negative consequences of traumas, inborn deformation of nasal partition, allows to change nose form or size in order to obtain harmony in correlation of different face sections. Due to rhinoplasty the face becomes more harmonious and attractive.

is improvement of auricles form and removal of lop-earedness, correction of ear relief during posttraumatic deformation.

is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery of breast makes breasts more beautiful and high, removes asymmetry and if necessary decreases mammary glands. In order to make breasts bigger the surgeon applies silicon implants the size and the form of which are selected individually.

Breast lift. It effectively removes prolapsus of breasts caused by breastfeeding, fluctuation of body mass or loss of elasticity of skin and mammary gland tissues. Mastopexy gives an obvious effect and returns the breasts their original appearance.

Removal of excess skin, fat tissues, stretched anteroventral muscles and aponeurosis. As a result the waist becomes thinner, the belly gets smaller, flatter and fit.

is an effective method of surgical correction of body contours with vacuum removal of excess fatty hypoderm. It is recommended to the patients with pronounced fatty depot which cannot be removed by diet and sport.

Correction of small local fatty depots.

Laser liposuction
The first and unique laser system which offers revolutionary and minimum invasion procedure for the removal of minor accumulation of hypodermic fat.

Intimate plastic surgery
1. Hymenoplasty
2. Labioplasty
3. Nymphaplasty
4. Circumcision

Plastic surgery is not only a possibility to become more attractive but a real chance to change your life for the better.


Maxillofacial surgeon, an assistant at the Surgical Stomatology Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences

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