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Cutera quantum technologies

Easy solution
of age-related problems!

Titan quantum technologies is an ideal solution for flabby cheek skin lifting, restoration of mandible contour, increasing skin turgor and elasticity, restoration of the face to its original form.
    Based on lifting of deep skin layers Titan skin lifting naturally improves its tone: wideband quantum impact resulting in deep warming up of the skin stimulates formation of new collagen. During the procedure the superficial layer of skin (epidermis) is protected due to continuous cooling. Titan procedures are comfortable and safe!

The result is excellent!

Weak and flabby skin gets pulled up, becomes resilient and elastic, light lines and wrinkles are filled with collagen, pores contract, face contour becomes tighter.
Obvious effect can be seen on different areas of the body sufferings from skin stretching: belly, thighs, buttocks and shoulders.

The effect attained after the procedure – immediate skin lifting – continues to grow during six months after the course!
Titan procedure is convenient because it can be done during your lunch break. It takes from 15 minutes up to 2 hours depending on the treated zone. The procedure does not leave any tracks.

Lazer Genesis
is an effective
rejuvenation procedure
without a surgery

Lazer Genes is the highest achievement of non-surgical quantum rejuvenation. Lazer Genes procedures will help you look younger due to gentle application of laser rejuvenation technology which safely and effectively removes the signs of aging, extended pores, excessive redness and unevenness of skin texture.
It is scientifically proved that Lazer Genesis stimulates formation of new collagen in skin.

As a result your skin gets healthier, younger and smoother!

The procedure has the following positive medical effects: smoothing out of wrinkles and unevenness of skin texture, removal of pigmentation, diminishing of pores size, strengthening of skin tissues – all this is possible with exclusive technology of Cutera Lazer Genesis.
In comparison with the wide-spread procedures of photo-rejuvenation Lazer Genesis has numerous advantages: noninvasive, gentle, painless technology without side effects, irritation or reddening. It can be done at any time of the year. It’s a comfortable, safe and effective procedure which can be done during your lunch break.

Healthy look
and mother-of-pearl
radiance of your skin

The quantum Pearl polishing is the most effective system of treatment of wrinkles, photo-aging and defects of skin texture: acne scars, flabbiness and unevenness.
It is the best method of fighting with skin stretching and scar defects!
In comparison with the wide-spread methods of laser polishing the Pearl technology has numerous advantages:
• gentle, almost painless impact
• short period of rehabilitation
• sedatives are not used
• it does not cause hyper-pigmentation
In one procedure Pearl quantum polishing provides results equal to 3-4 procedures accomplished by other modern laser technologies!
During the procedure a directed quantum ray deletes deformed areas of the skin quickly and bloodlessly, not damaging healthy tissues.
The results are noticeable on the 5–7th day. The skin acquires fresh, healthy and shining look, becomes smoother and younger.

The effect from the procedure intensifies for half a year!

Cool Glade Excel
is a high-quality
system of treatment
of vascular disorders.

Cool Glade Excel is a high-quality system of laser technologies used for treatment of a wide range of vascular disorders including vascular problems of lower extremities.
Cool Glade Excel vascular laser is used for removal of vessels, diffuse redness, telangiectasia, thin veins (both on face and on feet), even and uneven winy spots, rosacea and poikiloderma.
The procedure is painless and can be conducted at any time of the year.

Cool Glade CV
This quantum epilation
is the safest and
the most effective epilation

The system of quantum epilation Cutera Cool Glade CV is a distinguished achievement, directed at the removal of all types of undesired hair; it suits patients with any type of skin (from light to dark, including tanned skin).
The procedure of quantum epilation Cutera Cool Glade CV is comfortable and absolutely safe even in summer time; it does not cause side effects, irritation and growing in of hairs.
The innovative system of cooling with sapphire windows makes the procedure comfortable.

Unsurpassed results the whole year round!

Lime Light
is quantum rejuvenation
with removal of pigmentation
and small vessels

The Lime–Light quantum system based on application of «intellectual» impulse light allows to remove defects related to vascular changes and pigmentation disorders. It is ideal for solving age-related problems.
It effectively removes diffuse redness, dyschromia, pigmentation disorders, telangiectasia, freckles, rosacea and lentigo.

The procedures can be conducted on face, breast, arms (including hands) and feet.


lasting lifting
without a surgery!
In the opinion of leading world cosmetologists the future of anti-age therapy belongs to radio wave lifting - lifting without surgery which can replace circular face lifting and resolve defects after plastic operations.

Procedures on the Therma-Skin apparatus help remove wrinkles, improve the structure and elasticity of skin as well as smooth it out perfectly.

Therma-Skin is a new powerful impulse leading to regeneration and rejuvenation of your skin!

Therma-Skin is an innovative method of non-surgical rejuvenation and lifting of face and body skin.
Individual approach in the treatment allows to prevent and correct all kinds of wrinkles (wrinkles round the eyes, mimic and structural wrinkles) as well as effectively remove skin defects such as absence of skin tone, various prolapses and folds, closed pores, post-acne and other scars, visible vascular patterns.
Radio wave lifting is recommended when the elasticity of face and neck contour is visibly lost!
After THERMA-SKIN radio lifting a face doesn’t have mechanically stretched skin, it looks considerably younger due to collagen matrix that has been formed (the one that makes young faces look smooth).
This method is very effective for the procedures in the area of neck, décolleté, inner side of arms and thighs.

Radio wave lifting THERMA-SKIN is the most modern apparatus in the area of anti-age therapy!

NeoQi Harmony SPA-capsule

for sophisticated people!

NeoQi Harmony energy SPA-capsule gives you a wonderful chance to spare some time on yourself. High-technologies, ancient philosophy and life wisdom have been incorporated in order to balance your organism, remove stress, prevent illnesses and improve general state of your health.
NeoQi Harmony energy SPA-capsule is a unique SPA-apparatus which combines of balneotherapy, infra-red sauna, Vichy shower, underwater hydro- and aero- massages, steam sauna, pearl massage, chromotherapy and aromatherapy.
In modern life, where we face numerous stress situations procedures in the NeoQi capsule allow you to relax, get rid of tension, feel better and simply rest with pleasure. NeoQi Harmony energy SPA-capsule considerably increases the efficiency of pack and cosmetic agents applied to the body, allows to intensify penetration of cosmetic preparations, has powerful relaxing, toning and anti-cellulite effect. For example, combination of sea-weed pack with steam and infra-red sauna has wonderful results in figure correction – problem areas simply «melt».

Infra-red sauna deeply warms body tissues, stimulates microcirculation and metabolism, facilitates the removal of toxins and excess liquid from the organism. It is not contraindicated for people with cardiovascular diseases.

Vibratory massage intensifies functional processes in skin, muscles and internal organs, facilitates immediate relaxation, removal of stress symptoms, increases libido in men and women. Numerous vibro-transmitters are set from light to deep penetration, from rapid vibrations to long, deep waves. You will feel refreshed and filled with energy.

Aromatherapy influences a person mystically. Immersing you in the magic of aromas, it helps harmonize your spirit and your body, removes tiredness, satiates the body with energy and cheers you up.

Full spectrum chromotherapy provides the whole spectrum of sunlight, without ultraviolet rays. It improves your emotional state, normalizes sleep as well as relaxes you, removes tension and helps you simply to rest.

Vichy shower is an ideal hydrotherapy massage procedure which reminds of a strong rain. Drops of waters falling on the body at first mobilize the organism and bring it to the state of «alertness» and then relax. The Vichy shower removes tension and stress very well.

Underwater massage is based on the relaxing effect of warm water which affects muscles with different force (especially deep muscle layers), hypodermic tissues and skin. Stimulating effect of underwater massage has the following advantages: relaxation of muscles, intensification of blood and lymph circulation, decreasing the amount of lipopexia and cellulite, creation of psychological and physical comfort.

Pearl massage has strong sedative effect; it is effective at functional disorders of central nervous system and general fatigue. During the procedure the skin gets enriched with oxygen, tissue breathing is stimulated, pain is removed, blood circulation gets better, metabolic processes are activated and normalized, general tone rises.

Super - procedures in the NeoQi Harmony energy capsule bring incredible results: pleasant relaxation, increasing of tone, satiation of organism with minerals and vitamins, considerable improvement of the silhouette and the state of your skin!

Med Sculpt

without a surgery!

Healthy food and regular physical exercises help stay fit but quite often when excess fat needs to be removed they turn out to be powerless.

Med Sculpt is a new revolutionary system, the latest achievement in the area of excess weight correction, face and body modeling, decreasing of adiposity and treatment of cellulite.

Med Sculpt apparatus procedures produce effect comparable with the results of liposuction as well as prevent formation of skin unevenness caused by liposuction.
The main feature of the Med Sculpt technology is combination of mechanical, ultrasonic and photodynamic influence on problem areas.

• lymph-drainage
• toning effect on skin, muscle and connective-tissue structures
• stimulation of collagen formation and increasing microcirculation of face skin
• improvement of skin relief and structure
• anti-edematous, "resolving" effect.
Med Sculpt is a comfortable, an absolutely physiological and non-aggressive treatment technology. Combination of vacuum apparatus massage, ultrasound technology and light diode technology breaks fat cells gently and painlessly!


makes skin exceptionally
smooth and soft!

Every third woman faces the problem of dry, dehydrated skin. Quite often this problem is related to the conditions of modern life: conditioned air, hygiene means, skin dryness caused by aging, bad habits (smoking) and ultraviolet background.

The effect of slight controlled cold together with CRYOX3 PERFECT products produces immediate lifting and gives the skin of your face a clean shining look!

Cryodermic procedures effectively solve the problem of dehydrated skin, moisten it, improve blood supply and metabolism processes in cells, stimulate regeneration of the skin as well as provide wonderful refreshing effect. The skin becomes elastic and velvet to the touch!
CRYODERMIA (DERMOLINE CRYO X3 apparatus) is a revolutionary concept, gentle skin care, an effective way to preserve youth and fresh complexion, remove the tracks of tiredness.
• smoothes and strengthens the skin, affects free radicals
• exfoliates very softly and removes dead cells
• cleans and narrows pores, restores micro-relief of the skin
• decreases the depth of wrinkles, smoothes small wrinkles
• stimulates regeneration of cells
• strengthens natural structure of skin
• improves face oval
• gives a clean and shining look!

Total care

Manicure, pedicure
Beautiful and well-groomed hands are not a luxury but an integral part of the appearance of a person living in the modern world . In today’s understanding manicure means not only beautiful nails but also treatment and restorative procedures as well as complex care of hands skin.
In the clinic of professional cosmetology «Irey» you will be offered classical trimming, French manicure, SPA-manicure, manicure for men, manicure for children and nail-art: art painting, Svarovskiy crystals, gold leaf and many other things.
Pedicure - toe nails and feet skin care – is as important as hands care. It is a pleasant, relaxing procedure which takes off tension and fatigue of feet. Due to the care with the use of thermo-boot, different masks and balsams, pedicure nourishes and moistens feet skin.
Our highly qualified master of manicure and pedicure uses unique techniques which successfully resolve problems of skin dryness, formations of cracks and callosities, rough cuticle and excessive overgrowing. He will recommend you complex care, will conduct prophylaxis of diseases of hands and feet as well as nails, will give a beautiful well-groomed look to your hands and feet.
To connoisseurs of manicure and pedicure we offer real pleasure: SPA-manicure and SPA-pedicure procedures with the use of chocolate, algae, re-mineralizing alginate masks.

Laser nano-perforation of the skin

long youth
without operations!

How is the procedure performed?
The principle of the method is creation of thousands of micro-channels, initiating self-restoration of the skin due to the organism’s own resources , with the help of the laser. Due to the fact that a special attachment splits the laser ray into lots of micro-rays, the skin gets damaged not the whole surface, but partly (fractionally), as if through a sieve.
What happens to the skin?
During the process of regeneration the organism produces elastin and collagen which form young tissues: the skin gets lifted, smoothed out, it rejuvenates. Thus, it is possible to obtain apparent lifting effect without drastic interference peculiar to some other cosmetic procedures.
How does nano-perforation differ from other methods of rejuvenation?
The fact that the procedure is performed in the ambulatory is an absolute advantage of this new method of rejuvenation without a surgery - laser nano-perforation. Light redness of the skin disappears within three days which allows the patient to return to the habitual lifestyle. This rejuvenation procedure is not very painful, it does not require hospitalization and long rehabilitation period. Within two weeks after the procedure wrinkles disappear, pores narrow down, skin color, tonus and texture improve.
Where can nano-perforation be used and what for?
This method of rejuvenation is used on the skin of the face, neck, décolleté area, hands and genitalia. Even after the first procedure these changes are significant and apparent. A course of such procedures intensifies and potentiates the effect which further lasts for five years.

With the help of the skin nano-perforation you can:
– Get rid of wrinkles
After nano-perforation the skin is easily restored without going through stress; due to that there is not risk of development of some complications. Each micro-ray gets to the deep layers of the skin and there exercises its effect, providing apparent rejuvenation result. Face nano-perforation increases skin tone and elasticity, smoothes out wrinkles and provides the effect of lifting. As a result – you can say good bye to «anserine bursa» and minor wrinkles!
– Get rid of stretchings and scars
Stretchings are atrophy scars, that it is the areas of the skin with disorder of nutrition and blood supply; they are thinned, flabby and have pathological structure. Nano-perforation impact on such areas stimulates deep laying cells to divide actively and produce different skin components including collagen and elastin tissues which leads to the restoration of the skin structure. As a result the skin relief gets even and the skin gets healthier. This method can be combined with traditional meso-therapy, biorevitalization and vacuum massage.
– Treat post-acne
Now the correction of post-acne scars can be done with laser nano-perforation. The experience of the doctors of clinic «Irey» has proved that it is possible to correct even the most inveterate, deep scars which have formed as a result of wrong treatment. After just two nano-perforation procedures the thickness of scars gets reduces considerably, their depth diminishes, the structure of the skin looks healthier, with good tone, and redness gets much less apparent.
– Narrow enlarged pores
Enlarged pores on one’s face are a cosmetic defect with which one can and should fight. Besides skin daily care at home there exist professional methods of solving the problem of enlarged pores: meso- therapy, median peeling and laser nano-perforation. Production of collagen and elastin due to nano-perforation returns the skin its elasticity, normalizes the state of the pores walls and, as a result, leads to their narrowing.

Hydra Facial

Forget about those times when face cleansing caused tears and redness and, most importantly, produced unstable doubtful result. Hydra Facial is not just a procedure, it is a whole “bouquet” of procedures which will allow our cosmetologist to clean your skin painlessly and quickly as well as reach amazing rejuvenating result.
Now Hydra Facial is included into the most popular procedures in the most in-demand and elite clinics of aesthetic medicine in the whole world. It does not cause redness and does not require any rehabilitation period; it will not disturb your routine which is especially important for those who live in the dynamic rhythm of urban life.
Cosmetologists recommend to start doing this procedure from the youngest age in order to preserve young and healthy appearance of the skin as long as possible. If you do hydro-dermabrasion regularly on the “Hydra Facial” apparatus you use a unique chance to look 10-15 years younger than your biological age.
Hydra Facial combines in itself three technologies which mutually complement each other.
1. Non-crystalline micro-dermabrasion with the use of patented disposable nozzles with different degrees of abrasivity
2. Hydratation by multifunctional serums
3. Stimulation and extraction by vacuum
Due to combination of these three types of influence Hydra Facial guarantees expressed visible result after one procedure already.
The basic difference of this procedure lies is the use of unique patented disposable nozzles. They ensure a high level of antisepsis and make the process of exfoliation extremely delicate and soft. All nozzles have special spiral shaped ribbed surface which allows to distribute serum more evenly.
In one procedure the technology of Hydra Facial allows to do a whole complex of procedures:
1. Safe noninvasive face Spa-cleansing
2. Chemical peeling
3. Effective individual care
4. Micro-dermabrasion
5. Facial massage
In order to achieve sustained visible results you will need a course of 5 to 10 procedures followed by maintenance sessions held 1 time a month.
1. Improvement of skin relief
2. Improvement of face color
3. Noticeable lifting effect
4. Intensive moistening of skin
5. Deep skin cleansing

Quantum photo-epilation

The procedure of removal of undesirable hair on face and body is one of the most important procedures in modern cosmeticology today. Traditional methods of hair removal, such as shaving, plucking and creams, bring only temporal relief. Electro-epilation is a more radical method, but many patients complain that this procedure is very painful and tiring with subsequent scarring. Only quantum epilation guarantees radical, fast and painless removal of undesirable hair without damaging your skin integrity. Alexandrite lasers are among the most effective lasers.
It is especially important that applying an alexandrite laser the doctor does not have to treat the patient's skin with hydrogel as the apparatus has a built-in skin cooling system. Before applying a laser pulse the system puts cryogenic liquid on the skin, thereby minimizing patient’s discomfort.
The advantage of quantum hair removal over other methods is in its painlessness, as well as lack of side effects and allergic reactions.
Years of experience with lasers and numerous clinical studies have demonstrated excellent long-term efficiency of laser hair removal - the destroyed hair follicles do not get restored. After a few procedures there the number of hairs reduces significantly, while the remaining hairs get thinner, lighter and less noticeable than before. It should be noted that only the roots of the hairs which are actively growing at the moment of impact are exposed to the influence. As a rule, about 20 - 30% of the hairs are in this state. Therefore with a few weeks intervals it is necessary to repeat the procedure in order to affect those follicles which initially were in "sleeping" state and avoided the destructive effect of laser irradiation. Thus, in several successive procedures you can achieve radical reduction of the number of unwanted hairs.

Ulthera System

    The procedure of ultrasound lifting “Ulthera System” remains one of the most widely discussed cosmetic innovations. Thanks to this technique for the first time it became possible to do deep lifting of skin without a surgery.
    Popular procedures such as photo-rejuvenation, RF-lifting and fractional technology successfully cope with age-related changes of skin upper layers. But they are not sufficiently effective for face skin prolapse. To solve this problem it is necessary to affect deeper layers - the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS). Until recently plastic surgery was the only way of lifting at SMAS level.
    Appearance of the “Ulthera System” apparatus changed the situation radically. Suffice it to say that for the first time in history a technology got the approval of one of the most strict body "supervising" health care system - the American FDA Association – in the "Lifting" category.
    “Ulthera System” can handle most of outward signs of aging resulting from tone loss by skin and muscle structure of the face, such as:
    1. eyebrows prolapse
    2. upper eyelids skin overhanging
    3. deepening of nasolabial folds
    4. flattening of the middle part of the cheeks
    5. loss of face oval clarity
    6. flabbiness and sagging of skin under chin in the neck area.
    The procedure is effective not only for the face – with the use of Ulthera System it is possible to lift skin in the area of neck, elbows and forearms as well as inner thighs, knees and buttocks.
    The procedure is recommended for those who want to significantly lift the skin without a surgery.
    Reduction of SMAS structure leads to lifting of soft face tissues which causes instant lifting - so, with the help of "Ulthera System" we can achieve the results comparable to a full-scale plastic surgery.
    At the same time, the process of transformation, as opposed to a surgical facelift, affects not only the SMAS, but also the skin, growing through the formation of new collagen matrix. As a result, face oval becomes clear, "double chin" disappears, beautiful cheekbones get formed and your eyes look younger.
    The procedure is absolutely safe because it uses ultrasound energy, which has been proven by decades of medical practice, and, in addition, it is almost painless (you just feel warmth and tingling). The doctor can see the deep layers of the patient’s skin on the monitor which provides complete control over the lifting procedure and if necessary, allows to adjust the depth and force of the impact.
    The initial lifting effect will be noticeable immediately after the procedure, and the full result appears within 2-4 months and lasts for about a year and a half.
    The recovery period, in its usual sense, is not required. Immediately after the session you can go back to your daily activities. During the first 2-3 days you will feel some skin tightening and there will be some minor facial swelling.
    Then, within 2-4 weeks the treated area will be slightly painful, but this pain is not excessively uncomfortable – it can be compared to the pain in muscles after a workout.

Gas-liquid rejuvination

A revolutionary technology of skin rejuvenation developed by the community of Israeli and American scientists. Adjusted impact parameters are highly effective for skin rejuvenation, especially for dry, allergy-prone and highly sensitive skin.
  THIS UNIQUE technology of rejuvenation includes the following:
  1. Unprecedented FOUR-DIMESIONAL rejuvenation (i.e, the apparatus operates as a "time machine", not only improving the quality of your skin, but also turning the clock back);
  2. The procedure can be done during any season, which makes it effective both in spring and in summer;
  4. VISIBLE EFFECT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE PROCEDURE: swelling reduces, complexion gets better, the skin looks fresh and rested, wrinkles get smoothed out, soft tissue get lifted;
  5. The procedure is absolutely safe: it suits all skin types, it does not cause allergies and doesn't have any adverse consequences;
  6. Only natural and safe components are used: sterile aqueous saline solution of sodium chloride and air oxygen.
  Gas-liquid rejuvenation procedures are most effective for:
  - fighting against age-related wrinkles around the mouth and at the corners of the eyes ("crow's feet"), etc.;
  - severe swelling of the face, especially in the area of eyes, reduction of muscle tone;
  - deep hydration of the skin in the problem area;
  - acne and post-acne;
  - surface, median peelings (no pain, no redness or defurfuration, no septic complications);
  - lymphatic drainage massage and removal of swelling;
  - non-surgical lifting of soft tissues of the face and neck;
  - treatment of oily seborrhea of the scalp;
  - quick and effective cleansing of the skin;
  - stimulation of lipolysis due to the impact of gas and/or injected active substances and anti-scar effect when the patient has "orange peel" or indurations ("lumps") on the body.
  The effect of the procedure is obvious immediately: skin tone increases, swelling reduces, small wrinkles smooth out, the skin becomes bright and clean and literally shines. Youthful oval of the face is restored. The effect after the procedure will continue to grow during the week. For long-lasting effect it is better to have a course of 5-10 procedures.
  Gas-liquid skin rejuvenation procedure can be carried out 1-2 times a week, taking into account individual indications of the patient.


The Chief Doctor of the Clinic

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GAS-LIQUID REJUVINATION is a revolutionary technology of skin rejuvenation

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