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Disport (botulinus toxin)

Disport is a medicinal preparation used for the removal of mimic wrinkles. This preparation is unique due to its selective local impact on mimic musculature. Disport literally relaxes muscles responsible for wrinkling around eyes, in the area of forehead and glabella, lips, necks and decolletage. As a result already existing wrinkles get smoothed out and appearance of new ones is blocked. The preparation starts to work in 2-7 days after the injection and the effect lasts for 4 - 8 months depending on the dose of the injected preparation and individual particularities of the organism.

Contour plasty

Contour plasty is one of the most popular and efficient non-surgical methods of face rejuvenation and appearance correction. Contour plasty successfully removes mimic wrinkles in the area of eyes, vertical wrinkles on upper lip, horizontal wrinkles on forehead and vertical wrinkles in the area of the nose bridge as well as nasolabial wrinkles. Is it actively used for lips correction; they become more plump and look more seductive. Contour plasty of the chin tightens the face oval and forms fine face contour. You can see the effect after the first procedures; the effect lasts from 6 months to 2 years. The duration of the effect depends on the chosen preparation, skin structure particularities, age and natural face mobility. The procedure can be repeated in 1 - 1,5 years.


Biorevitalization is a high-performance procedure during which a preparation (the hyaluronic acid), which works as building material for new cells and provides natural skin moistening, gets injected into the face skin. It is used when the skin of face, neck, décolletage and hands looks "tired", fading and desiccated. Biorevitalization restores the internal environment, turgor, tonus, resilience and color characteristic for young and healthy skin, removes wrinkles, pigment spots and couperose (dilated vessels), protects skin for a long time from free radicals impact and slows down aging. The course consists of 3-4 procedures with a 2-3 weeks break.


Mesotherapy is intracutaneous microinjections of vitamins, homeopathic cocktails and special preparation based on vegetable components. Mesotherapy is used for rejuvenation of face and neck skin, smoothing out of wrinkles, face oval correcting, treatment of stretching, cellulite, couperose, acne, scars and loss of hair. Miraculous effect from these procedures appears immediately due to the fact that the injected agents act on the inside increasing internal resources of the skin.


Peeling is a special procedure of skin cleaning during which dead skin cells get peeled off; it stimulates collagen and elastin syntheses and starts the processes of skin rejuvenation. As a result the skin becomes clean, polished and soft and looks healthy, superficial and deep wrinkles are removed, the skin gets smoothed out, problems with hyperpigmentation, acne and post-acne scars go away, complexion improves.

Ultrasonic peeling "Iontopil" is a pleasant and efficient procedure of skin peeling and rejuvenation. Ultrasonic waves generated by the apparatus softly peel keratinized cells, effectively clean pores and reduce their diameter. It is recommended for: seborrhea, cicatricial changes and inflammatory skin diseases, greasy skin, acne and post-acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and other age related changes. Due to cleansing from “excess” layers and stimulation of young cells development, the skin becomes more fresh, young and shining.

Chemical peelings differ depending on the degree of the impact.
Superficial peeling is a good stimulating procedure which peels only the superficial epidermis layer - already dead horny scales. Peeling considerably improves elasticity due to stimulation of collagen fiber production, removes small superficial wrinkles, makes the skin fresher. It is used for treatment of "tired" skin with uneven pigmentation, greasy skin, seborrheic dermatitis and acne. Patients endure superficial chemical peeling quiet well. During the following 1-2 days the skin slightly peels but it is easily corrected by means of emollient cream.
The course consists of 4 -12 procedures.

Superficial peelings:
- Superficially spring-summer peeling "Filorga"
- Almond peeling
- Glycolic peeling 50%, 70%
- Jesner peeling
- Perfeitopeel
- Piruvicpeel 40%, 50%, 60%
- Salicylic peeling
- Block Age

Easy TCA Peel influences deeper skin layers. It is used the removal of skin unevenness caused by acne, wrinkles and dermatodyschromia after 40-45 years. It has a pronounced rejuvenating effect. After the procedure the skin stays red for 3-7 days and then dead cells begin to peel off. Special post-peeling care is required. It is not recommended for a period of time after the procedure to be in the sun or in solaria. If you follow the recommendations, after the period of rehabilitation you really will have new skin: it will be more tight, fresh and clear.

Deep peeling has a very deep impact with high risk of complications like scars and dermatodyschromia. The advantage of such peeling is that it removes deep wrinkles around eyes and lips of women older than 55-65 years old. This procedure is carried out under local or general anesthetization and requires serious rehabilitation. As a rule, deep peeling is used in cases when other ways to achieve results are already impossible.


Constant pressure, stress, tiredness and age influence the skin negatively, "favoring" the appearance of the wrinkles and the effect of grey and "tired" face. Exclusive lux-cares developed by the doctors of professional cosmetology clinic "Irey" contains a lot of active vegetable components, essential oils and minerals: ginger, Iris extract, Centaurea extract, orange blossom concentrate, oligonucleotide gold, fresh water pearl’s calcium, sea collagen, sesame oil, Shea oil, Hawaiian algae extract and others.
Right after the procedure a patient has an incredible, very pleasant sensation of freshness. Improvement is obvious. Skin becomes soft, flexible and elastic, facial features are relaxed, wrinkles are smoothed out, face oval is restored, tiredness and dark circles round the eyes disappear, face has a pleasant shining color.

Care types:
• Cosmetic care for face skin with cleaning elements "Aqvatonale"
• Cosmetic care for back skin with cleaning elements "Aqvatonale"
• Super moisturizing cell care "Starfish"
• Moistening care with chitosan "Aqvamix"
• Care "Intensive feeding" for sensitive skin
• Mineralized care with sea collagen for sensitive skin
• Restructured anti-age care with chlorophyll
• Anti-age alginate care "Perfection"
• Anti-stress care "Oxymix"
• Tired skin care with ginger "Vigor Elixir"
• Restoring express-care
• Energy care "Awakening"
• Relax care "Oxygen for Men"
• Lifting global regenerative care against aging
• Restructuring and remineralised care "Golden Elixir"
• Base care with green fig extract
• Aromarelax care "Nefertity"
• Restoring care "Synergy"
• Anti-acne care "Clearance and Matt"
• Anti-acne care with sea clay
• Intensive bleaching care "Snow White"
• Whitening care with vitamin C
• Powder-emulsion with caviar
• Powder-emulsion with collagen
• Powder-emulsion with chitosan
• Mask "Aqvatonale"


Massage is the art of touch, a way to influence a man’s body, scientifically grounded and the most physiological method which allows one to control the state of the organism. The hands of the experienced master who uses classic and author techniques of massage will return harmony and health, balance energy, take off fatigue and will prepare you for the everyday stress. You will feel the effect of such a massage for a long time!

• energy massage «Hot Chocolate»
• therapeutic massage of scalp and collar area
• classic massage
• anti-cellulite massage
• detoxicating honey massage
• general classic face and body massage with the use of aroma oils
• facial chiro-massage


is a new epoch
f skin rejuvenation!

Unlike the effect of ordinary monocomponent hyaluronic acid preparations, redermalization gets the skin moistened as well as
1. nourished (trophism is improved ) due to the improvement of microcirculation and metabolic processes;
2. and lifted. Face oval gets corrected and elasticity is increased due to:
a. expressed influence of fibroblasts on mitochondrions and active synthesis of structural skin albumens by fibroblasts and
b. renewal of amorphous derma substance and the amount of hyaluronic acid;
3. face skin color gets improved (due to the improvement of microcirculation) and antioxidant activity.
The unique formula fights with the existent signs of aging as well as serves as preventive treatment of chrono- and photo- aging (due to strengthening of metabolic processes, prevention of formation of free radicals, strengthening of microcirculation). All this ensures prolonged powerful complex anti-age effect.


The Chief Doctor of the Clinic

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GAS-LIQUID REJUVINATION is a revolutionary technology of skin rejuvenation

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