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Pleased to introduce our share: "Minus 5% on hospital services to all subscribers of our pages in social networks"!
Clinic "Irey" is now presented:
Anyone who becomes a subscriber of our pages to the December 31, 2015, we give 5% discount on all services clinic*.
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* 5% discount applies to all services of the clinic "Irey" except plastic surgery. If you select one of plastic surgery in our clinic, we are pleased to offer our subscribers a discount of 3%, which applies to the cost of operations, excluding consumables and anesthesia.



GAS-LIQUID REJUVINATION is a revolutionary technology of skin rejuvenation developed by the community of Israeli and American scientists. Adjusted impact parameters are highly effective for skin rejuvenation, especially for dry, allergy-prone and highly sensitive skin.
  THIS UNIQUE technology of rejuvenation includes the following:
  1. Unprecedented FOUR-DIMESIONAL rejuvenation (i.e, the apparatus operates as a "time machine", not only improving the quality of your skin, but also turning the clock back);
  2. The procedure can be done during any season, which makes it effective both in spring and in summer;
  4. VISIBLE EFFECT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE PROCEDURE: swelling reduces, complexion gets better, the skin looks fresh and rested, wrinkles get smoothed out, soft tissue get lifted;
  5. The procedure is absolutely safe: it suits all skin types, it does not cause allergies and doesn't have any adverse consequences;
  6. Only natural and safe components are used: sterile aqueous saline solution of sodium chloride and air oxygen.
  Gas-liquid rejuvenation procedures are most effective for:
  - fighting against age-related wrinkles around the mouth and at the corners of the eyes ("crow's feet"), etc.;
  - severe swelling of the face, especially in the area of eyes, reduction of muscle tone;
  - deep hydration of the skin in the problem area;
  - acne and post-acne;
  - surface, median peelings (no pain, no redness or defurfuration, no septic complications);
  - lymphatic drainage massage and removal of swelling;
  - non-surgical lifting of soft tissues of the face and neck;
  - treatment of oily seborrhea of the scalp;
  - quick and effective cleansing of the skin;
  - stimulation of lipolysis due to the impact of gas and/or injected active substances and anti-scar effect when the patient has "orange peel" or indurations ("lumps") on the body.
  The effect of the procedure is obvious immediately: skin tone increases, swelling reduces, small wrinkles smooth out, the skin becomes bright and clean and literally shines. Youthful oval of the face is restored. The effect after the procedure will continue to grow during the week. For long-lasting effect it is better to have a course of 5-10 procedures.
  Gas-liquid skin rejuvenation procedure can be carried out 1-2 times a week, taking into account individual indications of the patient.


Nonsurgical intimate plasty
  A modern woman cares not only about her face and body beauty. External attractiveness of intimate area, disappearing with years, also concerns fair sex. Intimate contour plasty can help solve this delicate problem.
  Perineal injury, childbirth and sudden weight loss cause weakening of elasticity of the skin in intimate area. Labia gets deformed, sexual experiences lose their former sharpness. But the woman still wants to be desirable and attractive for her beloved man.
  Labia correction will eliminate discomfort and will restore elasticity of intimate organs. Once again you will be confident that your body is perfect and it will increase your self-esteem!
  Contour plasty has appeared in Russia recently. It should be noted that during this short period it has become quite popular among women.
  Large size of labia minora causes discomfort in sexual relations. Besides that the intimate area looks unattractive, to say the least. Labia correction will eliminate this problem without a surgery. Our injection technique will make your genitals look attractive again!
  Nonsurgical intimate correction has a lot of advantages over surgical plasty. Absence of anesthesia, maintaining of skin tissues and a very short period of rehabilitation are the factors that will encourage you to choose nonsurgical plasty. Seductive looking labia will look neater. The resulting cosmetic effect will please you for years!
  Bellcontour Gvisc is a latest generation hyaluronic acid preparation. It was specifically developed for correcting and increasing genital organs.
  Light local anesthesia and 20 minutes (that’s how long the procedure lasts) will solve the problems that couples failed to solve for years visiting sexologists and psychotherapists.


    The procedure of ultrasound lifting “Ulthera System” remains one of the most widely discussed cosmetic innovations. Thanks to this technique for the first time it became possible to do deep lifting of skin without a surgery.
    Popular procedures such as photo-rejuvenation, RF-lifting and fractional technology successfully cope with age-related changes of skin upper layers. But they are not sufficiently effective for face skin prolapse. To solve this problem it is necessary to affect deeper layers - the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS). Until recently plastic surgery was the only way of lifting at SMAS level.
    Appearance of the “Ulthera System” apparatus changed the situation radically. Suffice it to say that for the first time in history a technology got the approval of one of the most strict body "supervising" health care system - the American FDA Association – in the "Lifting" category.
    “Ulthera System” can handle most of outward signs of aging resulting from tone loss by skin and muscle structure of the face, such as:
    1. eyebrows prolapse
    2. upper eyelids skin overhanging
    3. deepening of nasolabial folds
    4. flattening of the middle part of the cheeks
    5. loss of face oval clarity
    6. flabbiness and sagging of skin under chin in the neck area.
    The procedure is effective not only for the face – with the use of Ulthera System it is possible to lift skin in the area of neck, elbows and forearms as well as inner thighs, knees and buttocks.
    The procedure is recommended for those who want to significantly lift the skin without a surgery.
    Reduction of SMAS structure leads to lifting of soft face tissues which causes instant lifting - so, with the help of "Ulthera System" we can achieve the results comparable to a full-scale plastic surgery.
    At the same time, the process of transformation, as opposed to a surgical facelift, affects not only the SMAS, but also the skin, growing through the formation of new collagen matrix. As a result, face oval becomes clear, "double chin" disappears, beautiful cheekbones get formed and your eyes look younger.
    The procedure is absolutely safe because it uses ultrasound energy, which has been proven by decades of medical practice, and, in addition, it is almost painless (you just feel warmth and tingling). The doctor can see the deep layers of the patient’s skin on the monitor which provides complete control over the lifting procedure and if necessary, allows to adjust the depth and force of the impact.
    The initial lifting effect will be noticeable immediately after the procedure, and the full result appears within 2-4 months and lasts for about a year and a half.
    The recovery period, in its usual sense, is not required. Immediately after the session you can go back to your daily activities. During the first 2-3 days you will feel some skin tightening and there will be some minor facial swelling.
    Then, within 2-4 weeks the treated area will be slightly painful, but this pain is not excessively uncomfortable – it can be compared to the pain in muscles after a workout.


Thread lifting with meso-threads has an instantaneous result and over time it has increasing effect!
THREAD LIFTING is the newest technology of rejuvenation and three-dimensional modeling of face and body which allows to reach lifting effect and restore elasticity, oval clarity, fitness, freshness and youthful appearance of the skin in only one procedure. In fact it is a unique technique of inserting threads made of absolutely safe bioresorbable material allowing to model tissues in any directions, including those areas of face and body which were inaccessible to other technologies.
Inserting of meso-threads is done with the help of the thinnest needles, therefore in several hours after the procedure no tracks are visible.
Thread lifting with meso-threads allows to create an unnoticeable frame which holds the tissues in necessary position, not allowing them to “sag”, it prevents appearance of wrinkles and ensures resiliency and elasticity of skin for up to 2 years. Meso-threads do not cause rejection due to their 100% compatibility with tissues and in 1.5-2 years they dissolve completely ensuring the safety of this procedure.
In 2-3 weeks after the procedure of inserting 3D-“meso-threads” it is possible to use all apparatus methods (for example: myo-stimulation, micro-currents, laser and fractional rejuvenation) as well as do other rejuvenating procedures (meso-therapy, plasma-lifting, botulino-therapy, etc.)
In order to achieve perfect effect it is recommended to combine meso-threads with superficial peeling and other procedures increasing synthesis of collagen.


Today removal of stones from kidneys, ureter and bladder in the “Irey” clinic is conducted without a single cut, with the help of a surgical laser complex of new generation which has no analogues in the world. Contact laser lithotripsy is a surgical interference without surgical instruments; during the procedure a doctor destroys stones with the use of an endoscope controlling his actions with the help of video monitor. This particular type of laser completely eliminates trauma of mucous membrane of urinary tract. Besides that, with the help of this type of laser doctors conduct operative interferences in regard to stricture of urethra, different tumor like masses in bladder.

The doctors of the clinic also conduct trance urethral resection of adenoma of prostate gland, prostate and bladder tumors as well as varicocele, phymosis and oscheohydrocele operations.


Dermatoscopy is skin formations examination without surgical interference. It enables doctors to diagnose early stages of melanoma when a malignant new formation doesn't metastasize yet. Before it was possible to do that only during surgical removal.
Dermatoscopy is a non-invasive method of diagnostics of skin formations.
The main principle of this method is the following: a doctor using a special device – dermatoscope – examines superficial layers of skin at 10x magnification. It allows the doctor to study the structure of the new formation more thoroughly. Dermatoscopy is a standard of diagnostics of nonmalignant and malignant skin malformations and it is an obligatory procedure conducted before the removal of a new formation of any type (nevus, wart, papilloma, etc.).
Dermatoscopy's main purpose is to conduct a differential diagnosis between nonmalignant and malignant formations and diagnose dermatosises of different nature.
Advantages of dermatoscopy:
  1. it does not have contra-indications;
  2. it is a simple procedure;
  3. in most cases it allows to avoid histological examination which is quite traumatic;
  4. it enables the doctor to get instantaneous results and decide whether an additional consultation of an oncologist is necessary. Dermatoscopy is especially important for early diagnostics of melanoma when treatment can be sparing and prognosis for the patient's life is quite favorable.
This method helps diagnose other skin diseases which can simulate other dermatosises, such as basal-cell cancer, seborrheal keratosis, hemangiomas, etc.
It is necessary to watch the amount and quality of birthmarks you have. If their amount has grown, they have changed noticeably (for example, they increased in size, their form or color has changed) you should see a doctor. As a rule, dark brown spots with uneven coloring should cause your suspicion. These birthmarks can be flat or they can rise above the skin surface. Bluish spots should also cause your concern. You should be especially attentive in summer. Bright sun rays contribute to manifestation of birthmarks. Often we notice their increase after we sunbathe actively.


Laser epilation –
it is painless and effective!

The times when women practically did not pay attention to undesirable hair on their body sank into oblivion long ago.
The specialists of our centre recommend you to do laser epilation – an effective modern quick and painless procedure conducted on the unique laser for hair removal with a built-in system of cryogenic cooling which ensures excellent results.
The alexandrite laser with a built-in system of cooling is very popular among cosmetologists of the whole world. It is a universally recognized “gold standard” of epilation systems as it removes hair for good causing minimum discomfort.
Having been working for many years the specialists of the company-manufacturer took into account all the nuances, comments and wishes of doctors as well as feedbacks from patients which allowed them to bring certain laser cutters to perfection. As a result there appeared an improved model which is now used in our medical center.
Painless laser epilation turns hair removal into an ordinary procedure of face and body care. At the same time it is the safest procedure because for epilation the laser uses only light. It can be applied to any body area, it does not cause skin irritations, it guarantees maximal protection against medical mistakes and is very efficient.
No matter what commercials may tell you, remember one thing: none of the existing today methods can destroy hair in one procedure. In order to remove a hair forever it is necessary to destroy the bulb which it grows from. But it is possible to do that only at the stage when the hair is growing. Therefore in an order to remove unnecessary hair forever you will have to undergo from 5 to 7 procedures of laser epilation with an interval of 1,5 – 2 months. Efficiency of the procedure also depends on the area where epilation is conducted as well as hair color and skin type, presence or absence of suntan.


Vector bio-lifting (vector contour plasty). Modern aesthetic medicine technologies constantly advanced in search of ideal preparation for contour plasty. Recently a new instrument – micro-cannula – started to attract the attention of specialists. The cannula diameter gets chosen depending on the preparation used which ensures more even and controlled insertion. And the fact that a cannula has a dull end and a lateral outlet allows to minimize trauma because a cannula does not cut, instead it moves tissues apart keeping vessels undamaged.
A preparation is inserted under your skin or under a muscle. Advantages of flexible cannulas is in the possibility to provide natural aesthetic effect, immediate result, minimum painfulness, minimum risk of complications, possibility to work in the areas which were inaccessible and dangerous before, but the main thing is maximal satisfaction of the patient.


Laser liposuction –
desired forms without operations!

Laser liposuction is the first and unique laser system which offers revolutionary and minimum-invasion procedure for fat removal (selective destruction of fat cells with coagulation of adjacent vessels and capillaries). This method does not influence on blood vessels, nerve endings, muscle tissue or skin. Surrounding tissues, not interactive with the laser ray, do not get damaged. Powerful collagen frame is formed in the area where the procedure is held, which ensures stable and permanent result. The technology of laser liposuction works for both men and women, who have one or several areas of local fat depot, and does not have age limit.
The use of powerful lasers allows to conduct the procedure of body lipo-sculpturing in less time and with no side effects. Laser lipoliz delicately removes fat depots in places where traditional liposuction is contra-indicated.
Liposuction has the following main advantages which differ it from other procedures:
– local decease of fat tissue volume;
– the process of lipids removal from the organism is natural;
– obvious stable effect;
– there is no need in special (medicinal) preparation of the patient for the procedure;
– the procedure is done under local anaesthesia;
– trauma of the circumferential area tissues is minimized;
– laser stimulation of skin lifting; as a result skin lifting in the treated area;
– the procedure can be repeated several times in order to achieve the desired effect;
– any part of your body and face can undergo treatment;
– a session does not take a lot of time;
– absence of expressed pain after the procedure;
– rehabilitation takes several days;
– rehabilitation does not require permanent medical control;
– right after the procedure the patient can go home instead of staying at the clinic.
With the help of laser liposuction on your request we can:
1. Create an elegant contour of your face, neck, chin and cheeks.
2. Model the area of knees, external and internal surface of thighs, elbows and shoulders.
3. Remove excessive fat depots in the area of sides, stomach, back and collar area.


An innovative program to reduce weight and rejuvenate «AquaMare» for 10 days. Groups are formed up to 10 people. Dates: MONDAY.

More information about the program can be found at the following link: Program «AquaMare»


Ultrasonic diagnosticsis one of the most affordable and efficient methods of diagnostics of diseases and conditions of a patient’s organism

Ultrasonic diagnostics gained wide popularity due to its safety. The ultrasound used by the device does not cause injuries. Modern equipment allows doctors to do ultrasonic scanning with a large number of frames per second which allows to observe organs movements directly (real-time study). By these scanned images it is easy to tell where the organ under investigation is located, what form and size it has, whether its tissue is homogeneous or inhomogeneous.
One of the methods of ultrasonic diagnostics scanning is diagnostics with the use of Doppler sonography.
Doppler sonography allows the doctor to register and evaluate the blood flow parameters and the condition of the vascular system. Moreover, unlike angiographic vascular study, Doppler sonography is absolutely safe for the patient – there are no manipulations related to injection of a contrast agent into the blood flow. In our medical centre ultrasonic diagnostics is carried out on the expert class device equipped with a set of necessary ultrasonic sensors and programs ensuring high quality visualization.

The ultrasonic diagnostics of:
- Organs of abdominal cavity (liver, gall bladder, bile ducts and intra-hepatic vessels, pancreas, spleen)
- Kidney and adrenal glands
- Organs of the small pelvis (uterus and uterine appendages) – trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal diagnostics
- Mammary glands
- Prostate gland (trans-abdominal and trans-rectal diagnostics with the vascular study ) and seminal vesicle
- Scrotum organs with vascular study
- Penis with vascular study
- Urinary bladder
- Thyroid gland
- Lymphatic system
- Soft tissues
- US-diagnostics of knee joint
- US-diagnostics of abdominal cavity vessels
- US-diagnostics of kidney’s vessels
- US-diagnostics of upper and lower limbs vessels
- US-diagnostics of neck and head vessels


Laser nano-perforation of the skin ensures long youth without operations!

How is the procedure performed?
The principle of the method is creation of thousands of micro-channels, initiating self-restoration of the skin due to the organism’s own resources , with the help of the laser. Due to the fact that a special attachment splits the laser ray into lots of micro-rays, the skin gets damaged not the whole surface, but partly (fractionally), as if through a sieve.
What happens to the skin?
During the process of regeneration the organism produces elastin and collagen which form young tissues: the skin gets lifted, smoothed out, it rejuvenates. Thus, it is possible to obtain apparent lifting effect without drastic interference peculiar to some other cosmetic procedures.
How does nano-perforation differ from other methods of rejuvenation?
The fact that the procedure is performed in the ambulatory is an absolute advantage of this new method of rejuvenation without a surgery - laser nano-perforation. Light redness of the skin disappears within three days which allows the patient to return to the habitual lifestyle. This rejuvenation procedure is not very painful, it does not require hospitalization and long rehabilitation period. Within two weeks after the procedure wrinkles disappear, pores narrow down, skin color, tonus and texture improve.
Where can nano-perforation be used and what for?
This method of rejuvenation is used on the skin of the face, neck, décolleté area, hands and genitalia. Even after the first procedure these changes are significant and apparent. A course of such procedures intensifies and potentiates the effect which further lasts for five years.
With the help of the skin nano-perforation you can:
- get rid of wrinkles
- get rid of stretchings and scars
- treat post-acne
- narrow enlarged pores

Pleased to introduce our share: "Minus 5% on hospital services to all subscribers of our pages in social networks"!

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GAS-LIQUID REJUVINATION is a revolutionary technology of skin rejuvenation

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